Root Cause for not being able to connect to Minikube and VPN in the first place is

VPN is routing all traffics ( even including those ones coming to Minikube API )

Where is the k8s running?

yeongseokkim@YEONGSEOKKIMs-MacBook-Pro ~ % k cluster-info

Kubernetes control plane is running at

CoreDNS is running at

the Kubernetes cluster is running at CIDR range of

and VPN is intervening all traffics for that IP range. That’s why we are in trouble with Minikube.

As an workaround to overcome this,

Step1. Set port-forwarding for the minikube vm to forward port 8443 on to port 8443 in the VM.

Port Forward…

“The most basic way of controlling versions in modern programming world.”

Continuing from the previous article about building an artifact from the simple java application project in IntelliJ, I would like to talk about how to start managing source codes of a project using Git & Github.

Until now, every change that I have made for whatever in the source codes, goes directly reflected in local filesystem files. But in real world, it’s not only me working on project but also other dev team members. So there is no point of making changes only in my local files. Instead, we…

“Building Java Archive file is the most basic start of shipping codes to somewhere it’s needed.”

Continuing from the previous article about how to start a simple java application project in IntelliJ, I would like to talk about how to build an artifact(Java Archive File) from the project in IntelliJ.

Option1. Compile a single file or class.

Before we actually begin to compile the whole files or classes, I would like to show you how to compile a single file or class and what comes out of it as a result.

Step1. Press the button Recompile ‘ClassName.java’.

You can find the button in right-click menu or Build…

“The most basic way of programming and running java application in IntelliJ.”

+Create New Project in IntelliJ

Step1. Click the button + Create New Project

Then, you will see a list of options such as Java, Java FX and etc.

Choose “Java” to create a simple java application and press “Next” leaving the rest of options as it is.

“A motivational idea that makes me move forward at least a little everyday.”

Continuing from the requirement analysis, I am going to talk about the Proof of Concept. I’ve got several items to prove to see if I can actually implement the derived requirements.

These are the items :

Okay then…

“An idea that makes someone’s life better.”

Project Ideation.

Today I am starting this small project that might become bigger project at some point. This idea came up once I found there is a need to automatically detect a new blog posting in my wife’s account and make a new posting in Medium account with corresponding contents, which is basically aimed at increasing the number of visitors and readers of my wife’s blog contents.

So, how am I going to implement this?

first off, I began to write out some high level business requirements before actually getting down to writing codes. …

how to change remote URLS from SSH to HTTPS or vice versa.

Changing a Git Remote’s URL

1. Change from SSH to HTTPS

Step1. Check the current remote URLs

Let’s figure out what the Docker refers to.

When people talk about the Docker, it mainly refers to “Docker Runtime Engine”.

Then, what’s the Docker Runtime Engine?

In a nutshell, it’s a container runtime environment to run containerized applications, that runs across operating systems.

Docker Engine Anatomy

then, what’s container runtime environment?

it’s nothing but a software that executes containers and manage container images on a node(a machine). and the most widely known container runtime is Docker Runtime.

then, what’s the container and container images?

Simple put, it is a unit of software package that includes application source code and relevant dependent libraries…

Here it is what you have been looking for, to access the service that you have created in your Minikube cluster.

a service manifest yaml

Step1. Run this command minikube service --url $SERVICE

Once you run the command, you’ll get the Minikube IP and port to access the service.

Quick and simple guidance on how to change font for vscode terminal. As you adopted OhMyZsh, iTerm according to your preferences, you must have run into this problem.

Broken characters in terminal

Step1. Open settings.json in VSCode

Press command + shift + P in your VSCode window. Then, look up with “settings.json” and open it.


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